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One dog,loads of crafts: Yarn Owl Tutorial

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yarn Owl Tutorial

This Owl is the most adorable thing! It is a "Christmas ornament" my sister made when she was five. Its real easy, and if you make it skinny it could be used both on a LO and a card. You could of course make a bunch and hang them all over your house as well :-) This post has a million photos, because I have no idea how to explain the unbelivable complicated task of winding yarn around your fingers....

Materials needed:
  • three different colors of yarn : the wing yarn, the hairdo yarn and the belly yarn (these are the technical terms...)
  • siccors
  • glue
  • tiny scrap of felt in any beak color
  • googly eyes or white cardsock and black pen

This is how he looks all finished. He should have had googly eyes, but I don´t have any, so he had to settle for paper eyes for now...


Start by winding the wings yarn around your fingers until you feel you have just enough ;-) It depends on the thickness of the yarn.


Like this maybe? Just cut of the end and slip it of your fingers.


Then you o the same with the hairdo yarn. This will also be the back of the owl, nad if you want to use your owl on a scrapbook page this is where you make it skinny! If you are going to make a "free standing" owl, this needs to be longer than the two other bunches of yarn. (So don´t do it like I did..)

When finished kut the yarn so that you get many short lengths. Place hem carefully on the table, out of the wind, so that you don´t get yarn all over the place...


Just like I´m doing here...


Then you make your belly yarn the same way as the hairdo yarn, but the same length as the wing yarn. (I hope this makes kind of sence...)


Using the same color as the hair, tie a not around the middle of both belly and hair yarn. Make it tight, so that it does not fall apart later.


Then you divide the two different colors at the middle, like this.

Take the wing yarn (that you still have not cut), and tread the big bunch of belly and hair through it. You want half of the hair on top,  and half under. Like the photo.

You will then end up with this.


The next step is to tie a not around the hair, using the same color yarn.


Now you´ll cut through the wing yarn...


The last step on the body is to tie a not around the bottom of the owl, creating his stjert (I have no idea what birds tailes are called in English, so I call it stjert, which is the Norwegian word..)


Look at this hansom fella!!


As you can see, I´ve been a bit cheap on the hairdo yarn...


Give his stjert a trim, so that all the yarn is nicly shaped...


Give him a little felt beak...



And two eyes (goggly is best...)

Tada! You have an owl!!!

Good luck:-)



Blogger LollyChops said...

What an adorable project! I think he would make a fabulous companion to Hank, Abraham and even Hamie! I do so love things like this!

Thanks for sharing!

15 January 2010 at 21:40  
Blogger LollyChops said...

P.S. You should send this over to Rachel of One Pretty Thing... I bet you dollars to doughnuts she would feature it!!!

15 January 2010 at 21:41  

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