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December Daily 02.12.11

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One dog,loads of crafts: December Daily 02.12.11

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December Daily 02.12.11

A bit late, but I did it on the day! I´m so happy with my self :-) This is actually a story from the 28th of November, my 30th birthday, but it is one of the most important Christmas traditions on the farm so it had to go in the album.

We make all the traditional Norwegian Holiday food from scratch on the farm, and us «kids» have been involved with that forever. It was just one type of meat we use on our bread we did not make together with the adults. It was my favorite, and the chock when I walked into my Grannys kitchen to face a huge pig head was just to much. I didn´t eat it for years. I´m over it now though, and I´m learning to make it so that I can keep the tradition alive when I get my own family.

This story is about Mør (it´s a sausage). We start out by grinding the meat, then we add spices (sometimes we add the spices to the meat before we grind it because it´s easier to mix it in that way). While making the meat/spice mix we have to make «prøvekake» (mini burgers to test the seasoning) and it is so much fun! It´s the only taste we´ll get until the 24th. When everyone is satisfied with the amount of salt, pepper and all that stuff it is time to make sausages. When I was young we used a sausage horn (these words aren´t in the dictionary so I make them up) that we turned manually image of "pølsehorn"), now we are using a huge industrial grinder and everything is so much faster. In the end I think we made about 25kg, and we use it as Christmas gifts for relatives :-)

I made a photo collage template to fit the photos I wanted to use. After printing I "framed" them using a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen in copper.

I had to get my aunts recepie for pork sausage and had to write it on the closest paper available. I think adding the envelope makes the story come to life!

I did some journaling, and added a list of the different types of sausages we made. We ended up making 5 types!



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