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70th birtdahy card

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One dog,loads of crafts: 70th birtdahy card

Friday, 20 February 2009

70th birtdahy card

My Granny is keeping me occupied with all her friends birthdays. Thats great for me, not only do I get a purpose for my card making, but she´s paying for them as well!

I´m really happy with this card, I love how it came out. The button flowers is a favorite, and I´ll probably use them for another project as well. All the buttons came from my Grannys button jar, so they are all recycled from old clothes. I have big plans to put a note up in my local shop (I live in a tiny island, about a 100 people) asking for old buttons. I´m assuming that every old lady has a magic button jar ready for me to rampage through!

The backing paper is from K&Company, the flourish for the stems hare hand drawn. The lettering is printed on photo paper and cut by hand. I made a matching envelope using a flower from the same paper and corner stamps.



Blogger Elisabeth said...

Hei Siri!! Så flink du e!! Kjempefine kort, så flink du e til å sette samen farger. Knappeblomstern var skitkul!! Og så artig at du og driv med papirhobby, for det gjer eg og! :-)
Lykke til med katten!!

:-) elisabeth

21 February 2009 at 00:19  
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