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A "new" stencil

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One dog,loads of crafts: A "new" stencil

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A "new" stencil

"Put all your tools back in place after use"
A sign most crafting rooms should have I think. At least mine!

I´m very lucky to have a dog that makes me leave my crafting table at least 4times a day. He takes me places I would never had been otherwise (i.a. outdoors....) Last summer one of our neighbours (in a summer house) changed their windows. When walking my dog, I´ve seen this big pile of rubbish left after the workmen had finished. I´ve been drooling on this piece of trimming for a while, thinking it would make a great stencil for a card, maybe even a stamp. So, on my morning walk to day, I took it home. I asked my dad if he thought they would miss it, and he said no.

So, handy as I am, I found a saw, and no it is lying next to me on my crafting table. I´ll use it for a card later, and post the results as soon as I finish it!



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