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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Commenting craft blogs... updated 05/09

I just wanted to say, that last night, when I could not sleep, I decided to try to make one comment on every blog I visit. I know that I love the feeling of getting a comment on one of my posts, so I´m sure the rest of the crafting world probably feel the same. I want to use this post to challenge all you bloggers out there to leave even more great comments around the blog world!

I´m also wondering how you would respond if someone gave you a comment were they came with suggestions to how your posted item could look even better! I know I would probably be taken aback by it at first. However, I have been studying art and design for 6 years, so I am used to getting that kind of feedback. I do however think that it would be a great way for me to develop as a paper crafter.

How would you react if you got such a comment?

Update: My dad is a member of an online Photography forum. The members post photos, and other comment them. In this forum the comment should have some kind of technical input. (Like: This is a great motif, but I do think the overall composition would benefit from a tiny amount of cropping on the left side.)

This is the kind of suggestions I mean. I would never consider saying OMG what an ugly card! In this setting my personal taste does not matter. I might not like the colours or the theme, but I can still comment on technical issues such as composition, contrast between shapes and colours, font selection for sentiments and such.

I would find it very useful to get such feedback, and through my education and (short) work life comments like this have been the main learning tool. When reading crafting blogs I have got the impression that this is just something that you don´t do. I have found that commenting on other peoples work in this way also makes me more conscious in my own design work. In a way you take a step back, viewing your work in a more "objective" sense.

I will probably blog more on this subject, because this really engage me. :-)

Update: I do absolutly agree with you Katarina! I would not want to make a comment that took the fun out of paper crafting for someone. That is why I posted this chain of thoughts! I guess my brain has been programmed into thinking this way. I also sell almost everything I make, so even though I´m only doing this because I love it, I also know that I have to satisfy a customer. I am sure your Etsy store will do great :-) Good luck!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a huge list of blogs bookmarked I check almost every day. One day I decided to pick 3 blogs each day that featured something I really liked. I would post a comment on those, but only if there weren't like 500 comments before. Unfortunately it's quite time consuming. But I am trying to get back to this old habit.
I love to get feedback and I would love to get comments that say "I love your card, but...".
I am not offended when somebody doesn't like every detail on my card, because everybody has a different taste.
And Feedback is a great way to develop your skills.
My feedback for you for today:
I love your blog. Without any "but".


7 May 2009 at 14:34  
Blogger Sheena said...

I too love to get comments! I must admit though, I'm terrible at leaving comments! I seem to be so busy at the moment and want to see all the lovely blogs out there, but don't always have time to leave comments. I do try though!
On the suggestion question, I think I would be taken aback by suggestions at first, but as long as they weren't insulting, I'd welcome the advice. So a suggestion on my comment leaving is: Must try harder!!!
Suggestion for you: Great blog, wouldn't change a thing!!

7 May 2009 at 20:12  
Blogger Mary Corbet said...

Hi, Siri -

I have a super long list of blogs I check each day or when something new is posted. (Yours is one of them!) Thank goodness for RSS feed.

I try to leave comments on posts that grab my attention, but commenting regularly does take a lot of time, and sometimes, I don't have time! Still, once a week at least, I go back through the things I've marked, to leave a comment.

As for suggestions - it depends. There's quite a difference between a well-meant suggestion or a bit of constructive and tactful criticism, and the tactless blunt opinion. I do like and appreciate constructive criticism, because it helps me to improve. I don't like confrontational, blunt, or tactless opinions. Not only can they be very insulting, but they also upset my readers.

It's a good question!

I enjoy visiting your blog!

Mary Corbet

8 May 2009 at 02:34  
Blogger Katarina said...

I would probably be taken aback at first too. I would like suggestions on how to improve certain things, maybe if I ask for it though.
I think most craftbloggers make things to relax and feeling like it has to be improved and great all the time takes away the fun. I'm very critical with my things and I have a hard time just relaxing and making a card for fun sometimes.
I guess it depends on why you craft. I would however like input on things I would like to sell, how to photograph my items better, write info etc.
I will try to put some things up for sale in the next couple of months on my etsy, so you're welcome with your input :)

9 May 2009 at 00:32  
Blogger Chris said...

Hi, I just found your blog and see that you're following mine which is much appreciated. I think your blog looks wonderful and your creations are beautiful, very inspirational in fact. Your comments in this post are interesting and I can agree with most everything that's been said by the commenters above. I often find that bloggers ask for advice on how they can improve things and I most certainly leave constructive comments for them when they do. I wouldn't offer this unless they had asked however. I've very much enjoyed reading your post. Chris :)

9 May 2009 at 14:58  
Blogger Tonje said...

Hi. This is my first time "visiting" you. It's an interesting theme you're discussing. I really appreciate getting comments on my blog, and I try to leave comments on blogs I visit, but I don't often (well...never) give feedback on how people can improve. although if said in a nice way, I wouldn't mind people doing that on my blog...

I enjoyed reading your blog, and will come back... it's always nice to find other Norwegian blogs. (and I'm sooo bummed I missed your giveaway...)

10 May 2009 at 21:54  

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