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Friday, 15 May 2009

Does not anyone want my candy?

I am amazed at how difficult it is to give away my candy! I have not heard from any of the two first winners, so I´m no trying for the third time.

This time, the lucky winner picked by my Granny wrote:

"Your candy is fabulous, off to make a link on my blog! Glad you had a good time in Edinburgh, that is where I live (well just outside it now)."

Her name is Jenni Hamilton!

Again, you can find my email by viewing my complete profile!



Blogger Kjerstin said...

Congrats to Jenni!! :D
(And if she doesn't want it either, I'm ready! ;)

Just kidding! - but sorry that you can't seem to get "rid of it", Siri! Håper det løser seg snart! :D

15 May 2009 at 19:13  
Blogger Vibeke said...

Så dumt at ikke vinnerne har meldt seg da.... Men jeg er mer enn klar jeg også hehe... så du får evt bare fortsette å trekke.... Neida, håper vinneren setter pris på denne candyen for den er veldig spesiell og rett og slett lekker!!!

17 May 2009 at 22:04  

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