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My "borrowed" trim stencil card

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One dog,loads of crafts: My "borrowed" trim stencil card

Sunday, 15 March 2009

My "borrowed" trim stencil card

So, this is how my card came out. I used a sponge and added green and gold acrylic paint to the old wooden trim. I love how the patina and grain of the trim came out! I so wish that I could make it into a stamp. Only problem is that it is a bit to big. I had a very close encounter with an LO when making this. It kind of cried out this urgent need to be placed on one. Luckily, I managed to stop my self in just in time. I´ve even edited the photo I wanted to use in Lightroom, printed it and cut it into size... Phew.... I really need to stay fare away from scrap booking, because when I start something, I can´t stop. I have to finish it, and I´m kind of a perfectionist so things take time, and can get very expensive! Anyways....

I do hope you like it! It was very fun making. All I´m hoping for now, is that my neighbours wont miss the trim....

Just a question in the end... I was reading this blog and it mentioned "no - sketch" cards... What is that? Do you always make a sketch befor cutting? I´m just curios, I´ve never been much of a sketcher... When getting my Interior Architecture degree, I always made the mandatory schetchbook last, after everything else was finished... "Don´t think, DO", that´s my motto...

Materials used:
  • old window trim
  • green and gold acrylic paints
  • flowers, Nille
  • Chipboard, Nille
  • Brown paper, Core´dinations Nostalgia Super Assortment
  • i-lets, doodlebug design inc
  • assorted photo paper, my moms secret stash and Panduro
  • M-chipboard, Panduro

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