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Monday, 23 March 2009

The freezer from hell!

Ok... This post was going to be about the great weekend I´ve had on my first fair, but instead it will be abouth the freezer from hell.

Last night, me, my sister and Rolf got on a late train to my flat in Drammen. When entering the apartment building there was this strange smell. We took the lift up to the 4th floor and the smell got worse. The closer we got to the flat the worse the smell got, and when we opened the door, it hit us. My dog backed of, he did not want to enter. The fridge was making this beeping sound, and I thought OMG, the door has been left open for 10 days! But, it was worse, much worse.... When looking at the electronic display of the fridge, the temperature of the fridge showed +23 degrees Celsius and the freezer 32.... You could not believe the smell. The food in there was boiling. It was so rotten, it could not be recognized. We had to put clothes pegs on our noses and dive in. IT WAS HORRIBLE! We ended up spending the night in a smokers room in a hotel (because of the dog), and we will most likely spend the rest of the week there. A guy from a cleaning company just left, and he did not think the flat will be livable for at least 14 days.....



Blogger Karen said...

Ohhhhhhh......Yuck!! That's awful! I hope the smell goes away Really fast!!!

23 March 2009 at 15:23  

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