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One dog,loads of crafts: Face to face with a giraffe!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Face to face with a giraffe!

I visited a zoo for the first time on sunday!!! I was visiting on of my BBFs to celebrate my 28th birthday, and we thought it was about time that I got to see some wild animals :-)

It was quite cold, and most of the animals decided to stay inside. When we walked up to the giraffe enclousure one of them was having a look around, but decided against going out. Luckely we were able to go insade the stables, so we still got to see them!!

When I meet animals I always start talking to them, ask them how they day have been, and if they have had a good meal and things like that. The giraffe was standing about 10 meters away, with his back to me, and my friends were looking at some other animals a little further away. I was talking away, and suddenly he turned around and came straigh at me. He bent forward and looked me straigt into the face, his head was just 20 cm away! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! A true Kodac Moment. Sadly, neither Line or Monica saw it, and there is no photos that record this happening. I didn´t want to scare him away by shouting for my friends!!!

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