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One dog,loads of crafts: From now on, I´ll only eat take - aways.....

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

From now on, I´ll only eat take - aways.....

So, after spending two nights in this horrible smokers room we are now safely tucked in bed in my grandmas house. I´ve got this "magic" t-shirt that I sleep in to reduce pains (don´t ask me if its working, I don´t believe in magic) and it stinks. But, anything is better than my flat! I was there for a short time this morning, there were three strangers in it, packing down all my belongings to go on a "detox". It was so strange seeing everything packed up like that. It felt like I was going to move. They had already tried to clean the parquet floor where the fridge (now on its way to fridge hell) once stood, but no luck. It will probably be ripped out and replaced. I´m just so happy I´m insured! I "only" have to pay about 625$, and considering my fridge was about twice that price, that's not much!

2morrow I´m taking Rolf to the dog grooming place. I cant wait, and it feels so great knowing I´ll have a full 2 week break from bathing him! I´ll also try to make a post about the great crop and fair on Saturday. After all, the weekend was not all bad!

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Blogger Karen said...

Glad to hear your place is on the mend and you have nicer surroundings to stay at while you wait! :>

25 March 2009 at 15:08  

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