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One dog,loads of crafts: The long way home...

Friday, 27 March 2009

The long way home...

Finally, me and Rolf are back at home. It felt great going to sleep in my own bed, with no trace of either rotten meat or cigarette stinking, yellow walls. Now, I´m sitting in the kitchen window, waiting for the post (wo)man, hoping that she´ll bring my big box of goodies from the fair. I ended up having to send all my crafting supplies by post, so that I didn´t have to pay overweight at the airport. I kind of lost it a little bit when faced with paper craft heaven on Scraporama you see....

I must say, Saturday was great! I´ve had a very serious depression for the last years, and Saturday was actually the first time I felt happy since about August 07. Quite major in other words! It was like Christmas and birthdays all wrapped up in one.

This was also my first crop. I must admit, I didn´t get much done, because I´m an organizing freak, and I kept putting my stuff in my suitcase and taking it out again. I did however get started on my first ever acrylic album. I will post pictures of it when I´m all done!

I´ll post some pictures as soon as my big box of fun arrives (the camera cable is in the box...)!



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