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One dog,loads of crafts: 26-Feb-2009

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Flower tutorial

This flower was inspired from the techniques shown in these two links, at the blog "Inspirational techniques and tutorials":

As usual, I have problems doing things as they "should" be. I´m never follow recipes for anything. So, I made my own twist on these beautiful flowers.

- Paper - of course, scraps are great
- Heart template, 3 sizes. I use a template from Fiskars
- Ink and markers for distressing
- Shape cutter Plus from Fiskars
- Different sizes ball tools
- Strong glue of some sort
- Small scissors
- Mouse mat or similar

1. Cut out 3x4 hearts in descending sizes. These are 1", 1,23" and 1,5".

2. The paper I chose to use for this flower had a white backside, so decided to colour the back with my marker. I also coloured the sides of the petals. Unfortunately, my marker is about 7 years old, and decided to die on me in the middle of this project.

3. I distressed both the front and the back using copper ink. It´s a good idea to wait a while, until the ink is dry. I on the other hand, can´t be bothered, so I just go on with the next step.

4. To give the petals shape, I use different sizes ball tools. I use the biggest one first, and then work my way down to the embossing tool (2,5mm). The small ball wrinkle the petals, and make them look distressed. I think it looks really good. I usually do this as long as my arms and fingers can take it.

5. Step five is to cut the circles to glue the petals on. As you can see, it is very important to get them even and nice ;-) I just cut something vaguely looking like circles from scraps of some kind. No worries. They´ll be hidden in the end anyway.

6. This step is quite self explanatory. Make a dollop of glue on a scrap piece of paper. Dip your petals in the glue and attach them to the "circle". You´ll end up with three "flowers, made out of the three different sized hearts.

7. Add glue to the middle of your biggest flower, then add the middle flower. The smallest one is added last. Your flower will now look something like this:

8. The center is made out of a paper strip. I like to make one side curvy, so that the end result become a bit uneven. When it comes to length: the loger strop the wider center, the wider strip the deeper.

9. I distress the strip of paper. Use any matching colour.

10. This is the most tedious step. You now have to cut into the paper strip. I use the blade of my scissor as a guide (about 1mm wide). Cut as far down as you have guts to. It will look better in the end.

11. Now, use your fingers, or a needle like show in the other tutorial, to roll your paper strip into a flower center. I triedusing a needle the first time, but I prefer using my fingers. When finished, dap a small dot of glue on the paper end, and squeese togheter until fastened.

12. Put the coil down on the table, and press the fringe down with your fingers. You can then follow with a ball tool, But I find that I have better control when doing it by hand. When finished, I colour some of the ends with my rather dead marker.

13. Fasten the center in the flower using a dot of glue. I use a ball tool to press it down.

14. The flower is finished :-)

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