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One dog,loads of crafts: 18-May-2010

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

As a part of my back-to-work training I have made my knowledge as an interior architect available for the users of the largest online scrapbooking community in Norway. So far I have finished one scraproom design, and I´ve got 5 or 6 more on my waiting list.

I am sure that some of the issues addressed in these designs will be valid in many crafting spaces, so I decided to share my work with the world. That is why I have crafted a second blog, where I will showcase my ideas. As my health improves, this might be a service I will be able to offer to even more people!

If anyone has any questions about the designs posted here, or any of the furniture used just post a comment! I can also be reached by mail.

This blog will be updated with new drawings and designs as soon as I finish them. I will also post clever storage ideas and furniture finds my design work turns up. If you have any solutions that could be useful for other crafters that you want to share, please send me an email to the address above. I will post your idea with a link to your blog (if you´ve got one).

I am looking forward to building this blog, and hopefully it, one day, will turn out to be one useful resource for crafters all over the world!