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One dog,loads of crafts: 16-Jan-2011

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pretend it is the first week of January ok?

I need your help to take me back in time a couple of weeks, and that this is the first post of the New Year, and that it is the 2nd of January. I needed some time to get over the beginning of the new year, and then Liv Torill died, and everything just became less importaint.

The Holiday Season is always the best time to be depressed. There is just nothing like the feeling of not beeing filled with joy in a joy filled time to make life sparkle I think! (and yes, I´m beeing ironic). New Years Eve was hard as well, just knowing that I´m entering the the forth year of depression. My medication takes away the really bad bits, but during happy days it also gets very obvious that they take away the joy as well! It stinks.

Thinking back at 2010, I know that I have achieved so much. Some of my goals turned out to be less importaint than I thought, and some turned up along the way.


February: I sold my flat in Drammen, and officially turned my back to my old life as an Interior Architect on my way to success.
March: Bought my flat in Ålesund  
April: I was guest designer over at Category Stories, held my first two classes at a crop in Oslo, and did a demo at a second crop.
May: Was asked if I wanted to start working at my LSS, sold 50 cards in one weekend, started The Art of Digital Design over at Jessica Sprauge.
June: Finished AoD and got great reviews from Carina Gardner on my first Digi Kit.
July: Worked started for real in my flat. Started @Home with Claudine Hellmuth over at BPC
September: My first class at LSS
October: two classes at LSS, I got my first pay check in almost three years, my first bloghop, Fun with Fabric with Donna Downey over at BPC
November: Second blog hop, my 29th birthday, fitted my new kitchen
December: Got through Christmas

I didn´t publish that many LOs last year, and the reason is documented in the photos below:

I made albums for my sister and my two brothers for Christmas (a total of over 100 LOs). I know they pop by my blog from time to time, and too many LOs about them would probably seem suspicious. Even to them  ;-) I´m so glad they liked them!

I´ve decided not to set myself specific goals for 2011. I have so many huge things that I have to get through, so I will be trying to focus on them. (I just realised that FOCUS whould be my One little word for 2010. Maybe I´ll join in Ali Edwards year long class over at BPC (has anyone discovered my thing for classes by now?)).  I do have a dream of beeing a DT member over at Category Stories, but I know I will not be able to keep up right now, so I´ll just try to get the challenges done.

I had big plans for a huge blog candy when my blog got 20 000 hits, but then the imp counting my hits decided to eat 8000 of my hits, so I kind of lost my spirit. This did give me a push to get a Wordpress site (hosted on my own domain), so I´ve decided to do my giveaway when that site gets up and running. It will still be, but more like I want it to be, and less like blogger tells me to do things.

It turns out that I have some goals for 2011 even though I´ve told my self not to have any:
  • I´m moving in to my new flat, living alone for the first time int 3 years, having to take care of eating, opening my mail and cleaning my clothes (and yes, this is at times very difficult)
  • I have to go through all the boxes of stuff from Drammen that I have not seen since the freezer from hell, and that will take me back to my previous life
  • I´m getting my wordpress site up and running
I´m also hoping to:
  • do more design work
  • get my first stamps produced
(I´m so bad on New Years resolutions!!!!)