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One dog,loads of crafts: 18-Jan-2011

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A new post?

Who knew that I would post something this quickly! I was not planning to do a new one until tomorrow, but I jsut have to share this wonderful project/product that my fellow AoD graduate, Deb, has available on  her blog. (AoD: the Art of Digital Design, a class about digi design from Jessica Sprauge).

Deb designs under the name of Crafty Queen, and she really is a queen when it comes to design! She has a project, or product, available on her blog called "My Crafty Journal"

I love the idea of having my own crafty journal to document ideas, projects and promts in, so I´ve just downloaded the January pages. I´m going to get them printed out, and then start the search for a proper binder for them!

I must admit that I have not worked with it yet, but the design of the journal looks so great, so it must be good:-) I don´t think she would spend so much time designing something that is not great, don´t you agree? So, pop over to the Crafty Queen blog, and give her some love! I know she will be thrilled :-)