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One dog,loads of crafts: 14-Jun-2009

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Go Green DT Challenge #2

The item to reuse/recycle this time around is CARDBOARD

Create 1 craft (or more if you wish) by using CARDBOARD = whether it's from a cereal box or other like packaging from a cardboard base or reusing cardboard from paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls, or anything like that. Let us know what you reused/recycled when you post. Have fun! Can't wait to see your creations!!!

My project this time is the altering of a, sad to say, empty chocolate box. I use it for the cash I get when selling my cards. Sadly, I tend to spend them at new paper and stash as soon as I get them....

I (strangely) decided to use my brand new cutter to make a "title" for my box. Pengeskrin=money box. This was my first attempt to both weld and cut, still have a lot to learn!!

I also cut out some flowers, four different shapes, that I assembled together. I made flower centers using some round blings I got in a magazine.

The sides of the box was covered using cut of wallpaper I got from a design shop. I have to get some magnets to place on the flap.

Materials used:
  • Chocolate box
  • Bazill paper: Bling and Canvas
  • Wallpaper: Designer Guildt
  • Blings
  • Geen Ribbon

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The Cougar has landed!

Saturday morning I woke up by the sound of our Post Lady who came with a huge package! I jumped out of bed, only to discover that I had forgotten to get cash to pay the customs fee. So I had to wait. Of course, a couple that never ever visits decided that this morning was as good as any to change their ways, and I had to politely wait until the door closed behind them before I could drag my mum of to the shop. (I don´t drive, and the package was HUGE!)

When we got to the shop it was almost 11.30, and the shop lady that knows how to use the post terminal thingy was of to get the delivery of freshly baked bread from the boat (I live on an island, and the bread comes by boat every day...)... So, again, I had to wait, but this time with my big price in plain view... The excitement was killing me!!!! When she came back she had to place all the bread in the shelves, and I was biting my nails... Will I ever get my box???? One bread, two breads.... all the rolls.... argh, why can´t they (the customers) just go home and bake their own bread like normal people do??? (My granny always bake bread, getting shop bread is still a big deal at home....)

Well.... Hoers later... or so it seemed, all the bread was in place and it was my time to shine! She punched in the numbers, I got my mum to pay (I´ll pay her back, I promise, I just need to get my tax return...), and I was on my way out the door. And then, I needed to sign some papers... Always something in the way!! Luckily, one of the other customers in the shop carried the box out to the car so that I could sign the papers without loosing any precious time!!!

Rolf is greeting the new pet in the house. Is it friendly? Will it play??

Boff Boff...

Opening the box and getting the first glimpse of my new toy.

I was going to name him Pus, but after hearing him work I decided to call him R2D2...

Look at this joy!!!! Happy times!!!!