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One dog,loads of crafts: 20-Nov-2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010

project (new) life part 6

Finally, some more photos from the flat! It is no longer so horrid, but still far from a home :-P I´m also in the process of making my blog more "me". For now that is white, but there will hopefully be some more exciting stuff happening later. I´ll be adding some more freebies, and as I´m getting closer to 20 000 hits, there will also be one massive blog candy. You do not want to miss out on this!

My sister Marte, and her boyfriend Martin, (isn´t that funny??? M&M hihihi) are getting ready to give the old kitchen doors some TLC.

I´m wallpapering my studio. I love it!!

Just starting to put up the kitchen. Marte is showing some mad skills with that hammer!

Got to love Ikea. Lego for adults!

I have nothing to say....

Rolf wants to go outside and roam the city.

Martin and Guttorm is working on the kitchen. I can not wait to make cupcakes in there! (Have I told you that I´ve got a seperate drawer just for my cake decorating supplies????)

The kitchen....

The view from the hall through the living room and in to the studio.

From the studio, through the living room and into the hall.

Rolf is keeping a close eye on the work to make sure that everything lives up to his high standards...

And these boxes should not be in the hall, but in the living room.

Just look at this! More cabinets and counter space than I´ve ever had before...

And that pink? I LOVE IT!

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