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One dog,loads of crafts: 26-Mar-2010

Friday, 26 March 2010

Why i have a "hangover" today...

So, how can someone that is teetotaler have a hangover you might ask? (Yes, I am, and have always been, decided when I was 13. No, its not because of religion, or any alcoholics in the family. I just decided that I did not want to support an industry that ruins so many lives all over the world, and I´ve said no to alcohol my hole life...)

Well, here it goes:

05.30 - Got up
06.30 - Got on the boat to Valderøya
07.45 - Bus to the airport
09.05 - Flight to Oslo
10.00 - Arriving, eating breakfast and working on my Type + Writer Class LO
10.36 - Train to Drammen
12.00 - Arriving in Drammen, doing some power shopping
12.30 - Appointment with my psychiatrist
14.00 - Train back to the airport
15.30 - Got through the security at the airport, dinner and working on my LO
17.10 - Flight to Ålesund
18.10 - Meeting up with one of my BFFs and driving to town
19.00 - Got the keys to my new flat, signed the last documents, celebrated the new flat with a toast in Apple Cider. Measuring the hole flat so that I can start working on the layout
20.30 - Boat home - working on my LO
21.30 - My dad picked me up at the boat
22.00 - In bed...

If I was driving, this would have been almost 900 miles....

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