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One dog,loads of crafts: 09-Jul-2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

cleaning up my studio...

Hi everybody!

I´m just starting work at my LSS, Familieminner (Family memories), and OMG how much fun I´m having! Not only do I get to help customers with selecting colors, showing them different techniques and stuff, but I also get to create using all the new stuff for displays in the shop! And I don´t need to pay for it!! AHHH... the joy! I´ll take a photo off one of the new LOs next time I´m at work...

I´m enjoying Claudine Hellmuths class over at BPS so much! Only problem is that she start every new task with "clear up your working space..." This has been haunting me, and today I´ve jumped in! The last three hours has gone into putting all the stuff that need to be sorted into boxes (I´m not kidding, my dog wanted me to lift him into his corner), and cleaning the shelves and such. I hate organizing stuff into dusty shelves and messy boxes so I always have to start with that... Of course I did not take a phot, but imagine a bomb in a studio, that has been left and piled up on for two months....

I´ve also joined the twitter madness, you can find me @SiriFjortoft

And I have finished two of my digi kit (simply rustic) previews:

This is the items that I´m handing in for my exam (I passed the theory yesterday :-)):

I´m also planning to create a mini kit freebie (using elements from my huge kit) that I will be giving away here. I just need to find the time to finish it off!

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