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One dog,loads of crafts: 30-Dec-2009

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A year of card making!

I can not belive that I have been paper crafting for almost a hole year. It has gone so fast, but it has also been a very long year. As my regular" readers know, I´m struggeling with depression, and 2009 has had its ups and downs in that respect. Luckely, after three years, I´ve now found a shrink that I like and trust, and who is getting me on the right medication. But, the most importaint change is most definitly that I´ve started doing something creative again. Doing this has opened a hole "new" world, and I´m recognising my old self more and more every week. Craft-wise I have focused on my blog and my head in 2009. Of course, I can not stop focusing on my brains devious ways in 2010, but I also have some other goals that I want to achive.

  1. I want to be published in a magazine. 
  2. I want to become a member of a Design Team
  3. I´m going to hold my first class.
Its so good to have something to work towards that does not involve medicine and doctors!!

Kimpressive (as I like to call her) has a post showing her favorite cards from 2009, and I want to do that as well. Its so funny to see how my stash has evolved in a year! I think I´ll also do a post on how my crafty space has changed since February :-) That will be tomorrow though. Now for the cards!


My second card ever! Its strange thinking about the fact that I bought the embossing plate from Fiskars to make textures on fondant to cover cakes!!




Three cards in May... I just love them!!



I´ve gotten my DC, the Cougar from Black Cat Cutters! The toy collectionis growing!






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Just wanted to show of this amazing candy over at Judes´ blog! I´ve gone crazy with the adding of candy today, hoping that 2010 will be the year my bad luck goes away. (You know you´ve been having a strike of bad luck when your family docter agrees that entering the Lotto draw is a good idea, because you´ve had way more bad luck lately than anyone deserves, and it must turn around soon....)