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One dog,loads of crafts: 14-May-2010

Friday, 14 May 2010

What happened to time?

What happened? I don´t understand... I just realised that I haven´t updated my blog in almost 2 weeks, and it just feels wrong, because I have so much to share! (Anyone else had that experinece? I find it difficult to blog when there is too much to say...)  

I´m working my heinie off working on Jessica Sprauges Digi in Deep class. (Imagine if that was possible...) But you don´t do digi scrapbooking Siri? Well, no... But, on the 24th Jessica is starting a class called "The Art of Digital Design"

The Art of Digital Design is a revolutionary class for new digital designers to learn the secrets of creating, packaging, uploading, marketing, and selling digital product. I've been asked for years to teach a class that reveals the insider information about how to design items such as patterned papers, brushes, stickers, alphabets, and other elements used in digital scrapbooking. If you've wanted to dip a toe into the design world, with a desire to make and possibly SELL your own digital kits, OR if you've already started down the path, but you're finding the lack of clear information confusing, this is the class for you!

And I can not wait! Maybe I´ll do some digi designs for sale, but my dream is to design papers and such, and I figure that the prosess can not be that different... I´m soooo excitec, I just can´t hide it....
Also, I got a phone call from my LSS late on Monday evening, wondering if I would come and work on Tuesday. I was in heaven! I started work training there in August 09, but my boss got really ill, so I had to stop. Now she is getting back in the game, and wanted me to be at the shop when she is working. I´ll be there once a week, and it feels great :-)

Just so that I don´t bore you to death, I´ll share a LO I made some time ago about my DD. Its a doubble LO, and the theme is the four seasons. 

I´ve used four different songs, each about the spesific season, both on the trees and as a title for the photo. 

The title is : Rolf enjoys life, regardless of season...

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