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One dog,loads of crafts: 02-Apr-2010

Friday, 2 April 2010

Stapling ribbon tip!

Ever wanted to use your Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher to staple ribbon in the middle of your 12"x12" LO and thinking that mr. Holtz really should make a Massive Attacher as well?

I love my Tiny Attacher, but I do not like tools that puts limits on my creativity. If I want to staple something 3" from the edge of my LO or card, then I demand my tools to help me do that (That is why I´ve got the Big Shot and not the Cuttlebug, the Cougar and not a Cricut, a BigBite and not a Crop A Dile).

This made me think, do I buy a new stapler? What can I do to get my ribbon stapled where I want it?

I was looking through all the stuff on my craft table, wondering if there was something I could use, and my eyes fell on to  a paper strip cut of a patterend paper. At last, a solution! I could staple my ribbon to the scrap piece of paper, and then glue it to my LO! (Sometimes I feel so clever...) When doing it like this I am even able to move my ribbon around before attaching it to my LO. (As I am a staple first, ask later kind of girl this is a big plus for me... )

It looks like its stapled on right?