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One dog,loads of crafts: 07-May-2009

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Commenting craft blogs... updated 05/09

I just wanted to say, that last night, when I could not sleep, I decided to try to make one comment on every blog I visit. I know that I love the feeling of getting a comment on one of my posts, so I´m sure the rest of the crafting world probably feel the same. I want to use this post to challenge all you bloggers out there to leave even more great comments around the blog world!

I´m also wondering how you would respond if someone gave you a comment were they came with suggestions to how your posted item could look even better! I know I would probably be taken aback by it at first. However, I have been studying art and design for 6 years, so I am used to getting that kind of feedback. I do however think that it would be a great way for me to develop as a paper crafter.

How would you react if you got such a comment?

Update: My dad is a member of an online Photography forum. The members post photos, and other comment them. In this forum the comment should have some kind of technical input. (Like: This is a great motif, but I do think the overall composition would benefit from a tiny amount of cropping on the left side.)

This is the kind of suggestions I mean. I would never consider saying OMG what an ugly card! In this setting my personal taste does not matter. I might not like the colours or the theme, but I can still comment on technical issues such as composition, contrast between shapes and colours, font selection for sentiments and such.

I would find it very useful to get such feedback, and through my education and (short) work life comments like this have been the main learning tool. When reading crafting blogs I have got the impression that this is just something that you don´t do. I have found that commenting on other peoples work in this way also makes me more conscious in my own design work. In a way you take a step back, viewing your work in a more "objective" sense.

I will probably blog more on this subject, because this really engage me. :-)

Update: I do absolutly agree with you Katarina! I would not want to make a comment that took the fun out of paper crafting for someone. That is why I posted this chain of thoughts! I guess my brain has been programmed into thinking this way. I also sell almost everything I make, so even though I´m only doing this because I love it, I also know that I have to satisfy a customer. I am sure your Etsy store will do great :-) Good luck!