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One dog,loads of crafts: 02-Mar-2010

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

MHF update

I´m still waiting for the preemption to finish at next Monday, but of course my head is spinning away with me. Lindapinda asked if I would have pink kitchen cabinets and the answer is yes, or maybe no. You see I´ve found this amazing wallpaper by Eijffinger:


 I SOOOO want this in my kitchen, and I think having pink cabinets will be a bit of an overkill...  I do however plan to make crocheted pink curtains. I must have a chat with my right arm and shoulder about this, bcause crocheting curtains will give them severe pains and inflamations. I need to do some negotiations on this point....

Eijffinger als has a wallpaper that might end up in my scraproom...  It is so LOUD; red, pink, teal, green, yellow. It has flowers and ribbons and butterflies.  And I think it is perfect. I just need to get the rest of the flat to fit to this wallpaper. Its a good thing it has so many colors, because then I can do wathever I want!! (Of course, I could do that anyways... but as I want to get double glass dors from my living room to the scraproom, I want the rooms to fit eachother :-)) (Please note that I did not say match..) 

Karen asked what the room with all the windows are, and that is a balcony with double doors from my scraproom. I guess it is kind of like a conservatory, because of the windows, but they are all sliding open, so that it will function as  both.