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One dog,loads of crafts: 15-Aug-2010

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some product love!

Some of the stuff I ordered for my LSS arrived last week, and of course I had to buy loads of it! Using these tools for the first time was mindblowing. At least as mindblowing a pair of siccors and an acrylic stamp block can be! I just realised that both of the products are from Fiskars...


Suddenly, I got perfect impressions at the first try. LOVE IT! BUY IT!! You won´t regret it! No I just want to stamp things, just to see how gorgeous they turn out ;-P

And these siccors?? AMAZING! (Just click on the images to get to read about them. And I did buy them with my own money!)

Now.... if I only could find them in the mess I´ve created today... I´ve started to plan my next class. It´s going to be a card folding class, and so far I´ve finished 4 cards. I think I´ll add one more, and thats it :-) My plan is to get everyone to create templates to take home, so that they can create their own cards. I figure that learning different techniques and ending up with templates will be better than making one and decorate it!