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One dog,loads of crafts: 25-Feb-2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Someone might ask: Any news Siri?

And then I would answer.... "Well.... Yes.... I bought a flat today.... " And then I would do a happy dance, and scream!!!! There is some formalities that has to be done before I can sign the contract, But the agent said that I did not have to worrie about those (the offer has been acepted, they have the papers from the bank) The flat has to be put up on a list for preemption people (have no idea how to formulate that the right way....), but she did not think anyone would (be so stupid as) to want it... hehehe

This is a link to photos of the flat... The big pink room will be my scraproom. Everything has to be redecorated. We´ll do the plumbing and bath room, the electricity, the kitchen... Everything.  And I´m an Interior Architect, so it will be better! I promise. As for now it will only be called MHF : my horrid flat...

What do you guys think? The scraproom will even have place for one of these:


My oh my what a joy!!

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I´m still here!

Here is just not quite in the right place! I´m in Oslo this week, going to the doctor, meeting up with friends. I´ve even done some scrapbooking! I´ll hopefully get to post them later tonite... At the moment I´m to bussy keeping the eagels in my belly in check, as I´m doing the hole bidding thing on the horrid flat... The scraproom, oh, the scraproom....