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One dog,loads of crafts: 28-Jan-2010

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy Dog/Sad Dog, Sad Siri/Happy Siri

Tara, over at Magpie Club, introduced Wonderweek on monday. Now, her daughter has been admitted to hospital, so the Wonderweek got cut short. I wanted to do her Happy Noodle, sad noodle challenge anyways, just to show my support of her adventure while she was away.

The challenge was to create a LO with two photos, one happy and one sad. I decided to use these two photos of Rolf (Ralph).

The first one is a photo taken after the walk where he was thought (by a a water loving Chespeak Bay Retriver) that mud is fun. I might add that this was the day after I had spent 8 hours grooming, bathing and blow drying him... Obviously, he was happy, I was sad...

The second photo is of Rolf after a bath, before a blow dry.. I´m pretending they are taken the same day, because after that trip I had to spend 4 hours getting the mud and branches out of his fur! So, I´m happy (that he´s getting clean again), and he is sad..

My journaling reads: Happiness and sadness is not always preceided in the same way...  Reading that now, I realise I should have written: What makes me sad, might make others happy.... Its too late now!


Materials used:
  • I´ve used the last things in my November Credit Crunsh kit from Magpie club
  • Elle´s studio: Bubblegum Journaling Tags and Paw Print clear stamps